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📢In 2024, we are facing a financial crisis. If you want to stay ahead in this new world, you need the personal feminine touch that will support you all the way. 

💫A community run by women that will provide you the confidence and the courage to help you understand where you are financially today, review your financial habits so we can support you too to be financially fabulous.

🚀 During this awe-inspiring journey, you'll only spend money on the absolute essentials—bills, groceries, rent, transportation, existing insurance and medication—while completely avoiding all non-essential expenses

💫 It's a financial adventure like no other, where you'll discover the true power of discipline and redefine your relationship with money

📢 What sets this saving challenge apart from the rest is its audacious twist

🎯 Instead of setting a specific amount to save, you're boldly committing to not spend any money (except on the absolute necessities outlined above)

🏦 By the end of this awe-inspiring journey, you'll have a substantial amount of money saved, ready to conquer your debts or fuel your savings account

🎁 It's a triumphant victory, a testament to your unwavering dedication and the astonishing power of financial focus

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Today is the day to put your hand up and accept this gift to change your life.

Let's just tell it how it is... the last few years have been tough. We faced challenges like the world hasn't seen in decades and now the world is massively different than it was before. Which means the tools you need to succeed are different, too.

So how do you overcome the fears, the lack of confidence, the self- doubt, the Imposter Syndrome... and recreate your fabulousness in 2024? How do you take what you know today, leave everything else behind you and learn the NEW way to create future financial success in your life?

You are not defined by your past, you are defined by what you do in this moment.

We’ve all had financial set backs – some at different levels than others – but what separates you from everyone else is that you are here.

You already know that change always presents a huge opportunity for those who create a plan and take action. Femvestorsglobal is here to help you be financially fabulous.

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Your Leader During this Event


Pauline uses her 25 years of experience and the skills she has gained from working in the Corporate Male-Dominated World where she continues to breaks down glass ceilings, challenges the norm and pushes the boundaries of major institutions. She is a Certified Coach, Management Consultant and has a Business and Finance Degree for Birmingham University.

She is a rags-to -riches story where she was on the verge of filing for bankruptcy from dating the wrong men (twice as she never learnt the first time!) worked 3 jobs and slept on a friend’s floor to pay off her debts in 2007. Fast Forward 15 years later, where she a member of the 1% club and no longer worries about money. She is an Angel Investor, Day Trader, long term holder of ETF’s and Cryptocurrency, Property Investor and has more recently invested in collectables such as Pink Diamonds and other precious stones. She is an avid learner and invests in herself and her team daily so Femvestorsglobal can be the Coach that teaches you and the Mentor that shows you.

She is an advocate of women’s rights, volunteers both her time and money to women and children’s education programs in Africa and Asia. Her mission is to help 100 million women change their financial position through education. Pauline and her husband have a legacy to build a School in India.

What you'll get

When you join the 30 Day Challenge For Free right now, you will get:

FB Trainings

To support you in tracking your progress and keeping you accountable

Facebook Group

Access To Our Private Facebook Group and a community of support

Weekly Prizes

You’ll Be Eligible To Win Amazing Prizes

Daily Tracking Tool

​Daily 30 Day tracking tool so you can monitor your own progress on a daily basis

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How the Process Works


The people who become successful in 2024 will not just be lucky – they will be successful as they have a plan, goals and will take massive uncomfortable action. 

The reality is that most people allow their fears, their self-doubts, their confidence and their imposter syndrome control their future. They will wait... they will feel stuck... and they will miss out on the chance to create a new legacy for themselves and their loved ones.

So when your opportunity surfaces, will you be prepared? Or even better, what if you knew how to create your OWN opportunity?

Femvestorsglobal wants to show you how to become financially fabulous..

But this event starts January 29th 2024 and once we start, there’s no slowing down. Hurry and take action now to join.

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