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WELCOME TO THE 30 Day Financially Fabulous Challenge! 




Congratulations on being in the minority of people who are taking action to navigate the GPS to your ultimate financial future and be financially fabulous ..

🚀And now for saving your spot for this 30 Day Challenge!!!

🧠 It's a transformative experience that grants you the opportunity to evaluate and revamp your spending habits

🙏 You'll gain a newfound perspective on what truly matters, as you break free from the clutches of impulse buying and mindless consumption

🤝 As the exhilarating days of the no-spend challenge unfold, you'll witness the incredible results firsthand

🏦 By the end of this awe-inspiring journey, you'll have a substantial amount of money saved, ready to conquer your debts or fuel your savings account

🎁 It's a triumphant victory, a testament to your unwavering dedication and the astonishing power of financial focus

So let’s start today with a few next steps you should do right now:

    Join The Private Facebook Group!

    Click here to join our incredible 30 Day Challenge Facebook Group. This is the most important step because it’s how you get connected with likeminded action takers so you can help each other go to another level! This step is a MUST so do it first :)

    Once you join, go live inside the Facebook group to tell the FemvestorsGlobal Family where you’re from, what you’re passionate about and your #1 reason for joining this amazing once in a lifetime experience!

    Join The WhatsApp Group

    Click here to join our WhatsApp Group. This will allow you to stay connected with likeminded action takers so you can help each other grow to another level. Should Facebook have any issues, your connections made with the Femvestorsglobal community will not be impacted

    Save the Date- 29th Jan

    Right now, go into your clock app in your phone to set your alarms, then write it on your fridge, put notes at your desk and save the date.

    Okay maybe that's a bit extreme but do whatever it takes to show up... Don’t miss a minute! And stay alert for emails from us along the way... check your spam and other folders to make sure you miss nothing!

    Send out the Invites!

    This is truly a once in a lifetime session. And let's just say it like it is, you could have easily paid $5,000 for something like this. But since it's free let's work together to help as many people as we can gain these capabilities when they need it the most. That is how movements are created.

    I'm guessing you probably have girlfriends, family, colleagues, employees and other women in your life who need this to set them up for a solid continuation of this year. So let's not leave them behind. We made it easy to invite them ;-)

    Think of a few people you know whose lives would be changed from this strategy session and tell them, text them, email them to go sign up now at https://femvestorsglobal.com/free-challenge 

    This Challenge is going to push you and most importantly, it’s going to show you how a simple tool can change your life...

    Don’t miss a second! You’ve Got This!!

    P.S. I can’t stress this enough - the 30 Day Challenge Facebook group is vital to help you prepare for the event and get connected with others who think the same way as you do. If you haven’t joined, then click here now and let’s dive in!

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