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Be the Creator of your Life and

be financially fabulous™ with FemvestorsGlobal™

At Femvestorsglobal™ we support women worldwide to take ownership of their financial independence. We’re here to help you take that first uncomfortable step because you’re worth it, you are more than capable of becoming a confident money maker.

You and I will start by shifting the generational narrative that has influenced women over the years. We’ll review how your environment has influenced our views on money and how you perceive and think about your finances. Through support, trust and honest financial education and guidance, we’ll work together to achieve tangible results in your life. My Femvestorsglobal™ program will give you exactly what you need so you too can create your own “Moneymoon destination”.

Since you’re still reading this, it shows me that there’s something within whispering “This is it! Now’s the time; and it’s my time to become financially fabulous!”

You’re right!

But, don’t let that feeling slip away, you must ACT NOW!


Through Femvestorsglobal™, it’s my mission to walk beside other women and show them how to rise from whatever financial position they’re in.

My role is to mentor and coach you on managing your emotions around money (it is not really taught anywhere) and give you the tools, strategies and information that will indefinitely allow you to make financial decisions independently.

Many of the women I work with are smart, intelligent, highly accomplished and experts in what they do. Yet many have never been taught how to manage money or make sound financial decisions.

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For the majority of women, our finances have never really been a focus when we are trying to be superwoman juggling kids, careers, businesses, older family members or a combination of these.

And this is where I bridge the gap in your life because no woman has to go through what I went through. I believe every woman deserves the same level of success and opportunity as the men in our society have. But it’s up to us to shift our beliefs, our internal narrative, and the stories we’ve been telling ourselves for so long and replace them with a 2.0 version. We will show you how to tap into an abundant mindset.