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Do you want to start investing but the whole process seems so overwhelming?

  • When all you really want to do is to put your money into investments where it will be safe and grow.

  • Femvestorsglobal helps remove the complexities you face in creating your own path to financial independence.

  • We provide you with all the clarity that you need.

  • We keep it simple.

  • We have removed the jargon that baffles you.

  • We Prevent you being taken advantage of by sharks and brokers.

  • We remove the constant confusion that the Finance Industry has created.

  • No matter what type of investor you are or your experience level, there is an investing book out there for you.

  • We start with the basic investing books if you have no idea where or how to get started.

  • We provide you with everything you need to know to get started with investing.

  • So let us support you, so you too can learn how to become a savvy investor.

  • Using books and a like-minded community to grow your knowledge and build your confidence.

  • We help you become financially fabulous so you too can accelerate your path to health, wealth and happiness- one chapter at a time.

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    Let's Hear What Others Are Saying

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    Barbara Budrich

    Reading good books is invaluable. As a publisher, author, and translator, this is what you'd expect to hear from me. Working through a great book with other like-minded people is the best way to spend your time if you want to improve your life. And if you want to level up your financial life, you can trust Pauline Kirk. She knows what she is talking about, and she knows how to make financial jargon accessible to everyone. Thank you, Pauline, for spending so much time and sharing so many nuggets of financial wisdom with us. If anyone asked me what to do moneywise in these weird times of ours, I'd say: Go ask Pauline!

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    Carissa Thomas

    Haha trying to get my head around all the mind-blowing content that was last week's chapter. I think my light bulb moment last week was realising you can't just buy directly from the stock market i.e the S&P500, ASX 200 etc... I didn't really understand there's multiple steps involved I think I maybe have grasped the concept now Oh and if you’re in Australia like me & you invest in US dollars there's a 30% holding fee/tax so best to avoid that. Happy learning everyone! Feeling so grateful for this group, to learn, be empowered and calm the overwhelm. Pauline Kirk aww thanks so much! Really appreciate your encouragement and for creating a safe space to learn and grow in.

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    Fiona Manley

    Pauline Kirk these are great questions! Thanks!!

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    Nancy Garavello-Sulenski

    Thank You for sharing!! This is a valuable summary!

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    Michelle Maiz Rivera

    3+ hours later  we have the best group

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    Maria Aguilera

    Thank you Pauline Kirk! Great meeting! Today; just before the call, I lowered the interest rate of my bad consumer debt and it is a really great reset bottom to start managing my finances so much better!

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    Tamara Lynn Holcombe

    Pauline Kirk it was easy to contribute with such an awesome group of authentic individuals! I was late to the party, and everyone helped me feel right at home.

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    Martin  Peakman

    Introducing myself initially and being vulnerable and gaining encouragement from the zoom call participants have been invaluable. I have now got a good foundation for wealth as some of the subjects are over my head, and Pauline and other team members offer their perspectives. I don’t feel I can’t ask a question and feel embarrassed. I have also had great feedback from my perspective and feel part of the group and not on the sidelines. I felt like I have a lot to learn on my investment journey. I have started my percentage of income into my investments and paying down my debts. Hitting both at the same time. Thank you Pauline for spending the time to create this group and help us all. The book has been great, and the discussions invaluable and life-correcting.

    Being a Senior Leader for Team Tony has been life changing as I obtain unique access to his programs.

    The Holy Grail Of Investing-Will be our

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