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The Women’s Guide to Choosing the Right Financial Advisor

"Creating A Pathway To Your MoneyMoon Destination"

Financial Advisor guide

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About the Book




Selecting the right Advisor can mean the difference between a stress free, relaxing retirement or one which leaves you facing anxiety, stress, and the realisation that you may need to go back to work in your 70s.

Because financial advisors come in many forms with many different specialties and offerings. You want to make sure the person guiding your financial decisions is trustworthy and capable.

So how can you guarantee that the expert financial advisor you choose is trustworthy, capable and reliable? The short answer is ‘You can’t.’

Ladies this is where we come in at Femvestorsglobal! This guide was created for you. To give you the assistance and guidance you need to find the financial advisor that is right for you.

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Regardless of which stage of life you are at, whether you are a woman with a career or business, a stay-at-home mum or an expat spouse, even where you live in the world, we have got your back.

Remember ladies, even the most successful women in the world don’t go it alone. They can’t succeed without laser focused coaching and mentorship. And neither should you. If you want to invest wisely, you need to know your Advisor is looking after you, as opposed to their own bonuses and commissions that benefit them and the organisations they work for.

This Guide will save you hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars.

I want you to succeed and become financially fabulous.

Having my own fingers burnt by an Advisor in my late 20’s, I have taught myself what you need to look out for. Don’t make the same mistakes as me but luckily I learned from them. This is my gift to you!

In our Women’s Guide to finding the right Advisor, you will discover how to….

  • Select the right Advisor

  • What fees should you be paying for an Advisor

  • How to vet your Financial Advisor

  • When to get a Financial Advisor

  • How to prepare for your first meeting

  • How the process works

  • What questions to ask during the meeting

  • What happens after the meeting

  • About Pauline

    Pauline is the Founder of Femvestorsglobal. Her love of her community of women, her passion for changing lives and genuine authenticity is what makes her unique. She left her corporate life after 25 years in 2021 so she could make a difference in the world and mentor women on personal finance and what not to do. She has spent 15+ years teaching herself about how to manage her finances, given her past experience of poor financial advice from “supposed experts”. She is an active philanthropist and donates 80% profits of her business to charities that supports children’s education and women’s empowerment programs. She has been nominated for women to look up to in 2023.