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Financial Wellness in the Workplace

Nurturing Financial Health for Your Employees for Building Confident Money Masters


At Femvestorsglobal, we understand the importance of financial wellness, empowerment and independence. Our comprehensive practical solutions empower companies to support their employees in thinking differently about their finances. Whether it’s saving more, paying off debt, spending less and or what to consider when investing- we have a curated program for you. Whether virtual or in person workshops, we deliver content in a fun, exciting and passionate environment. Femvestorsglobal brings the energy!

We 100% believe that every individual has the full potential to become financially fabulous and a successful and confident money master, Femvestorsglobal exists to provide the tools and resources needed to make this happen. We create individualised and tailored solutions for your organisation which nurture a refreshing culture of financial wellness to support you and your fabulous team.

Today, 60% of full-time employees are stressed about their finances

Even among employees earning $100,000 or more per year, nearly half (47%) are stressed about their finances.

46% of employees spend three or more hours per week at work dealing with personal financial issues

Financial stress in the workplace leads to:

  • Decreased productivity and engagement at work.

  • Increased absenteeism and even staff turnover.

  • A less productive team as they may be less engaged and more likely to miss work.

  • Physical and mental health, which in turn affects their work performance.

  • Higher rates of stress-related illness can increase your organisational costs to provide health care plans to cover depression, anxiety, and high blood pressure.

  • Lower morale and job satisfaction so team members look elsewhere for higher pay or better benefits.

We also understand that the concept of financial wellness programs is still relatively new to many organisations. Many organisations don't know how to develop and implement one, which is understandable.

Your Employees Need your Absolute Support and Femvestorsglobal can change this through.....

 1. Supporting you with assessing your team’s needs

2. Help Identify internal obstacles & challenges and how to overcome them

3. Highlight key implementation tools & strategies

4. Support with drafting clear communications to your team

5. Help you establish metrics to monitor & measure progress

Femvestorsglobal can help your Company thrive, not just survive!

Our most popular educational interactive sessions

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Turning Financial Stress to Financial Success

At Femvestorsglobal, we understand that every company is unique and has different goals when it comes to supporting your team members financial wellness. That's why we're committed to working with you to find the right solution that meets your specific needs.


If you're interested in learning more about how Femvestorsglobal can support your organisation with financial wellness, leave your details below and we'll send you a brochure with more information.

We will also schedule a discussion to answer any questions you may have and explore how we can help your team members become financially fabulous!