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Beyond Financially Fabulous

"Blanket Protection for our Household Finances"

Would you pay the cost of a one-off lunch, to ensure you made things super simple in your household?

Although nobody likes to think about when we may inevitably leave this world, preparing for your passing by using this document is an act of love and responsibility.

When we really think about this sensitive subject, I am sure you agree that it puts things into perspective.

We know that discussing your plans for later years is an easy task to put off, but once you have gone through the process, you’ll have complete peace of mind.

We believe this is the only document you will ever need to update your household end-of-life plan.

The best thing is that you don’t have to complete this document all at once!

This document is your security blanket, your safety net and is the biggest gift you could ever give to your family for the following reasons:

  • It is a clear, concise and solid plan for your family to follow

  • An open dialogue for you to proactively communicate with your loved ones and to detail your intentions for your later years and beyond

  • This document will prevent potential conflict on what should or should not occur with your life

  • Stress reduction for your family when confronted with difficult decisions in the event of your death or deterioration in mental capacity

  • Your family has the opportunity to grow closer and emotionally support each other

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    Your loved ones will certainly appreciate the efforts you go through to prepare them for the inevitable.

    Regardless of whether you are the breadwinner or not, we have catered for all family members.

    The document contains all the information a loved one would need in the event of YOUR incapacity or passing.

    So, if your partner is disorganised (like mine), you MUST take control AND INSTIGATE the conversations, otherwise it will not happen.

    You need this security blanket, otherwise you (and children if you have them) are exposed.

    Alternatively, if you are on your own and have no idea what is involved or where to start, we have the solution for you.

    You are certainly not alone, we are here to support you today, tomorrow and beyond…….

    Regardless of what happens:

     You can sleep at night with ease, knowing your family is protected and secure.

    You can sleep at night knowing your final wishes are articulated to others and are well known.

    How does it work?

    Step ONE – Set Intentions

    Go through each question and ask yourself the difficult questions about your life choices.

  • How do you imagine your end-of-life experience?

  • What life-sustaining or medical care do you want?

  • What do you want your legacy to be?

  • STEP TWO – Document Gathering

    Once you have reviewed our security blanket, gather all the important information and documents that you want to be readily available.

    You are now prepared with the life jacket in case of natural disaster, medical emergency or death.

    STEP THREE – Get Super Organised

    Now you have collated the documents, you can populate your security blanket. Given you have the electronic version, you can update this file at any point in time.

    For the documents obtained above, either setup folder structures on your computer or buy physical folders and clearly label each section.

    Place the documents inside your newly created folders.

    STEP FOUR – Have the Conversations

    The next step is to talk to your loved ones and let them know what you are doing and why it’s important.

    Although end-of-life planning is critical for adults at every age, it can be difficult to find a way to introduce the topic of conversation to your loved ones.

    Possible conversation starters:

  • There’s been something on my mind and now is a good time to raise this

  • You can 100% rely on me to be there for you at all times

  • I don’t know your wishes so please tell me them so I can honor them whether I agree with them or not

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    Blanket Protection

    Majority of women leave long term investing to their spouses but we need the information so we can carry out our spouse’s instructions

    We also need to be aware whether we are secure, should our spouse pass away.

    Imagine how difficult things would be without preparations, especially since many of us have not been involved in household finances.

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    My own Experience

    To give you context, in our family I have always managed the investments, paid the bills and organised our tax documents. My husband has not shown any real interest in keeping up with any of these. Therefore, the records I put together will be very important for him and my stepsons if they ever have to take over my responsibilities and vice versa, this gives us all clarity and comfort.

    Having this document prepares my family to deal with our affairs once I am gone.

    My husband would have no idea where to start without this protective blanket.

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    Don’t Forget to Update!

    Make sure to revisit and update this document if you experience a major life change like a marriage, illness, divorce, or the birth or adoption of a child.

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    Make Things Easier for Your Loved Ones

    Anyone who has had a loved one pass unexpectedly and had to settle their affairs can surely attest to this.

    We live in a death phobic culture, and it can be difficult to prioritise getting our affairs in order.

    This blanket is a gift to yourself and your loved ones.

    About Pauline

    Pauline is the Founder of Femvestorsglobal. Her love of her community of women, her passion for changing lives and genuine authenticity is what makes her unique. She left her corporate life after 25 years in 2021 so she could make a difference in the world and mentor women on personal finance and what not to do. She has spent 15+ years teaching herself about how to manage her finances, given her past experience of poor financial advice from “supposed experts”. She is an active philanthropist and donates 80% profits of her business to charities that supports children’s education and women’s empowerment programs. She has been nominated for women to look up to in 2023.

    So what are you waiting for, get your Blanket Protection now.